After a troubled past it seems that Bar Nuvo is gone for good from Lewisham Way.

‘New Conditions for Lewisham’s Bar Nuvo after two stabbed in street brawl’ – Newshopper Article, 10/12/15

I’ve never actually been inside, although I did attempt to visit on a Friday night only to get to the door and be greeted with an embarrassingly empty room with more bar staff than punters. In the time I’ve lived in Lewisham (and within a 5 minute walk of this bar) I have never seen it busy.

The unit is showing as available to rent via this website, as an A3 unit (and at £40k p.a. rent)

Lewisham has a evening/nightlife deficit and I’m in favour of more destinations that are available to visit. But given Bar Nuvo’s dodgy past I’m not sure anyone is too sad to see something better take its place.